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In Schwerin

The Schloss

Inside courtyard(first time photo through a loo window!)




The lake




We woke up to cold, grey and windy weather. After the heat of the last few weeks it felt cold. We decided we would head south to the town Schwerin the capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and hoped the weather would improve. The old town was OK but not that impressive. However the main purpose of visiting the town was to visit the Schloss Schwerin.

The palace seen today was built between 1845 and 1857 when the then Duke of Mecklenburg Paul Friedrich Franz II decided to move his court from Ludwigslust further south. The castle sits on an island in the Schweriner See or lake. Early records showed there had been a castle on the site since AD 973. The current castle replaced a Dutch Renaissance style castle. Like Mad Ludwig’s castles in south Germany this was totally over the top with its fairytale turrets etc.

Today the castle is slowly being renovated and is now the seat of the state parliament. However we were able to visit a small part of the castle which had an over the top Throne room, rooms with beautiful wood inlaid floors and an Ancestors Gallery whose portraits were intended to awe visitors before their audience with the duke (no photos allowed). The castle at the time had all mod cons including warm air heating.

Going outside from the warmth of the castle we realised it had got colder and windier so we only had a short walk in the near castle gardens but gave a miss to the

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