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Church Rock (I did not take this photo... I accidentally deleted the...

Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument

Driving in BLM land near Canyonlands NP.

"This BLM road is a little bumpy and far away from my...

Willie climbed some rock to look out over our camping spot for...

Mongo tucked in next to the rocks for a quiet night of...

Some of the wildflowers near our campsite.

Watching the sunset - Indian Creek Canyon BLM

Another shot of the sunset reflecting on the canyon walls.

Looking towards the actual sunset.

"Stop taking sunset pictures Mommy, I want a treat now!"

More wildflowers next to our campsite... there were lots of wildflowers, of...

The drive from Ignacio, Colorado, to Canyonlands National Park was beautiful. Willis and I were continuously amazed as we turned each corner and another stunning panorama was revealed to us.

Our lunch stop was at a restaurant, Fiesta Mexicana, in Cortez that we had been to back in 2009 when last our fulltiming wanderings had taken us through that part of Colorado. Although the chili relleno was no longer the same fluffy style that I am so crazy about, it was still very good and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

With our hunger satisfied we left Cortez and headed for Utah. Our first stop in Utah was to view “Church Rock”. Church Rock is on private property (owned by a rancher) but can be seen from the highway. You may notice a door-like opening at the base of this giant rock. Although there are many myths about the opening further research explains, “The opening was dynamited and cut out of the stone during the 1940s to store salt licks and feed for the cattle.” Too bad it was simply a utilitarian truth, the myths make for more interesting stories.

We then stopped at Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument where we viewed the petroglyphs. After trying to read the numerous petroglyphs, and only deciphering a few of them as we aren’t very good at “petroglyphese”, we headed out towards “The Needles” section of Canyonlands National Park.

Since it was early evening by the time we got to Canyonlands NP, and we were getting hungry for dinner, we stopped at the park information center to find out about camping possibilities. Of course this time of year it is always risky to try to find a campsite in a national park without a reservation but we thought we would ask… but alas, “no room at the inn”. The park ranger was very helpful though in explaining to us that there was plenty of BLM land just five miles east of the park, so off we went to Indian Creek (BLM) and found a lovely spot to park off Lockhart Basin Road (there is no signage for this road but is labeled on GPS). Although the road was a bit bumpy we found a secluded spot with gorgeous views. It sure gets dark out there with no cities or lights from anywhere! This puts us in perfect position for seeing the Canyonlands NP tomorrow.

(I have no Internet or phone service out here; so will have to post this entry once we are technological linked up again.)

Happy Travels,


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