Di & Terry's Winter Holiday 2012/14 travel blog

The last couple of nights the temperature has dropped to 4 & 5 degrees.

The days are fine, but a lot cooler than the 25/26 we were getting used to. It struggled to get to 18 today.

Dubbo is where we are tonight. We will leave here and head for Tamworth on Saturday.

Ann & Harry Wilson arrived in Tamworth today, and we will join them once more on Sat.

There are 5 bowling clubs in Tamworth, so we should get to play a couple of games somewhere.

I think Lyn & Harry Flynn are heading home to WA. It is hard to cope when you have got one hand in plaster.

We are both fit and well, and I should be all right for the rest of the trip.

Bad luck comes in threes they say, and I've had my 3.

Barked shin in Norseman, Staph infection in my nose (spelt it right this time Bruce?) and I didn't mention that I went A over T in a puddle of water in a toilet block in Minalton on the Yorke Pen. Stopped at the Shire Office and told them the someone not as fit or agile as I was, could have done themselves a serious injury. Di had a chuckle at that, as no doubt you are too!!

No doubt the Sequence will come out again on the weekend.

The women will probably get another hiding.

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