Doug's Run For The Wall trip 2014 travel blog

Riders on Hwy 60

Our welcome in Rainelle

Ceremonies on the school ball field

A symbolic POW in a cage

Our leader 'Catfish' and his wife

After Hurricane the group headed to the capital in Charleston. It was recommended that I not follow them as the area streets are very narrow and there is darn little parking for my truck and trailer. So I followed the other chase vehicles onto Hwy 60 a ways to a café where we could wait. Hwy 60 turned out to be about 100 miles of twisty 2-lane with lots of ups and downs. The riders love this stuff but not a lot of fun in my rig. But the scenery is superb.

We arrived in Rainelle just after noon. Now I must tell you a little about Rainelle. Many years ago the RFTW had detoured onto Hwy 60 to avoid the toll road. They stopped in Rainelle for lunch and became friends with the townspeople who had come out to welcome them, including the elementary school kids and teachers. This friendship, over the years, has developed into an adoption of sorts. The RFTW riders talk to the kids and give them pins, bracelets and other small gifts. In return the kids draw pictures and write about their experience and put up many photos of the events on the walls of the school. And the parents put on a big lunch at the school for the RFTW riders. Throughout the ride there were raffles held at each morning meeting to raise money for the school. This year a check for $10,600 was presented to the principal. It will go towards field trips, supplies and other benefits for the kids.

After Rainelle it was on to Lewisburg, WV for our evening stop. The Lone Wolf bunch went out to dinner together and talked about how cool it was at Rainelle.

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