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The Driftwood Langaboon

Sunset and a Cricket match on the beech from Driftwood deck

A peacock mating courting in front of our room

Muffy watching the action

After the disapointment in Springbok there was a surprise at west coast park on the way south towards the wine country and cape town. The drive was really nice we passed through some tall mountains and many citrus orchards before finally arriving in the langaboon area.

We made our home at Windstone Backpackers and because it was winter were the only ones in the whole lodge, a comfy fire and a nice couch we reladed and warmed up a little, the second night was much better but it was a bit chilly.

That morning we woke up to a display of love from the peacocks in the front yard of the lodge it was all fun and nice but the musty smell of male peacock pheremones was just a bit strong for muffys sensitive nose so off we were to the park.

The next day we spent was a beautiful one at west coast, the flowers were blooming and the ocean was crashing hard on the rocks. There were kudoo and small mammals running around as well, and while we were there the whole park was open for the start of the bloom heading from winter to spring.

We stopped for our 6th prepared meal in south africa at the driftwood a nice seafood restaurant and watched a pick-up game of Cricket on the beach. It was the first time either muffy or I had ever seen the game played and had no idea of any of the rules. It was a great day though nice and warm and sunny, and Muffy was happy with all of the flowers blooming that day.

We returned to find another guy in our lodge it was good though because the fire was already raging and the place was warming up nicely. a good night sleep and another adventure awaiting us in Tulbagh

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