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A day to honor their sacrifice.

Main Street prior to the crowds.

The old downtown area still has most of its old buildings -...

The oldest county courthouse in the state.


A good crowd of patriotic families turned out for the event.

It was good to see young kids learning about our heros.

And a few cute little ones too young to understand how blessed...

I think I'm seeing double!

The short parade consisted of those taking part in the ceremony.

Three WWII veterans.

And a couple bands.


Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts

After the speaker opened with prayer he spent over 15 minutes reading...

And each time a name was read these girls dropped a poppy...

Then this squad fired a salute and taps were played.

Thanks to all our men and women who have served our country.

Today's adventure!

These large "flower pots" line the long tree-lined lane leading to the...

Visitors Center.

More of those large pots around the grounds of the house.


Long elevated walk-ways lead from one building to another.

There's an owl nest in a hollow post supporting the walkway. So...

Another bird watching us walk by.

Some views of the Japanese gardens.



One of the many rooms built among the rocks & trees inside...


View of the "Infinity Room" from a viewpoint along Hwy 23.

Entering the infinity room.

The room has over 3,000 windows to view the valley below.

View from one of the windows.

Looking out the other side.

Looking straight down at the top of the forest from the glass...

View from the end of the area guests are able to walk...

What follows is a glimpse of the exhibits we saw today.

A "street" with stores/shops full of themed exhibits.

A couple of the many old buggies on display.

A huge calliope playing music.


Part of the calliope - various sized jugs struck with a hammer.

And jugs that had air blown across their top.



It was impossible to photograph this huge whale fighting with a giant...


This room had hundreds of very detailed, finely crafted model ships of...





Extreme craftsmanship and detail on this model.

Large balloons high above.

A very large collection of puppets.

Another large room.

Hundreds of these model trucks - most with their original box.

A steam powered hearse.

A brass bed with mirrow above in a room full of mechanically...

All these instruments work together to play music.

All are operated automatically with pneumatics and mechanical actuators.

Capuccino machine.

Another fully functional mechanical instrument.

4 accordions and several other instruments all playing together.

An entire room full of mechanically operated instruments.


There were hundreds of these mechanical instruments and bands!




A room full of large scale model airplanes - most are radio...


It was impossible to photograph the entire carrousel - here are a...





Hundreds of these miniature houses - very detailed - fine craftsmanship.


Miniature furnishings inside the houses.

Large collection of separate miniature rooms.

Santa's workshop - approx. 6" from floor to ceiling.

One of dozens of miniature circus exhibits with amazing detail.


Several circus river boat models.



Very large circus colliope.

Hundreds of beautiful circus wagon wheels.

A full orchestra of models, all animated and life-like.

Hundreds of old guns with their original wooden boxes. This one with...



Hundreds of beautiful carved ivory exhibits.

An exhibit of old armor.

Model of Buckingham Palace.

View of a huge doll colliope.


The doll colliope is at least 2 stories tall with 7 "layers"...

Large carved angels suspended from the ceiling.

One of several beautiful sleighs.

A couple of the several huge pipe organs.




(Ron Writing) This morning we paid our respects to our county’s heros at the Dodgeville, WI Memorial Day parade and ceremony at the Veterans Memorial. We hope everyone took time today to remember the great sacrifices so many of our countrymen have made to secure and maintain our freedom.

After the memorial ceremony we drove a few miles north of Dodgeville to tour the House On The Rock. We were amazed at what we found. The place is huge, eclectic to the extreme, very interesting, and almost impossible for me to describe. Alex Jorden designed and built the house on top of a large rock outcropping overlooking the Wyoming Valley. He spent several years building, tearing down, rebuilding, modifying, and expanding the house. Then he started collecting “stuff" and people wanted to pay him to see his house and “stuff”. As the money flowed in, he kept adding more to his collection of various items . For a time he was buying stuff by the truckload, then by the train-car load. Then he had to build additional buildings to accommodate the “stuff”. He kept this up until the day he died. It’s quite a story and quite a thing to see.

We spent about 5 hours touring the House and even then, we often just walked past many of the exhibits without stopping to really look at them. Photography was very difficult because most areas were quite dark – that’s just the way Alex wanted it. Also, many of the exhibits were behind glass or plexiglass making it difficult to take photos. Flash photography was allowed but the size, scale, and scope of the place was beyond the capability of a camera’s flash. I took quite a few photos but honestly this only shows a fraction of 1% of the exhibits we saw. As I said, it’s impossible for me to really describe this House but it's a tour that's unique.

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