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Kettle Corn Stop

Whittington Woods Campground


Eagle Carving

Eagle Carving 2

They watch the office

Paster Dick

This is what it is all about, just get up when we feel like and not rush to get on the road. We had breakfast, some coffee and then decided when we would leave. I did get everything unhooked for our departure and did leave at 10:00 am. We drove the back roads to our next stop and saw 3 deer standing alongside the road looking at us. The drive is nice on the side roads watching the farmers in the field planting this year’s crop of corn and whatever. We did stop in Vandalia IL. so Candy could get some Kettle Corn. The guy that was selling it use to deliver flour to the JM Smucker plant in Toledo until he got hurt on the job.

We arrived at Whittington Woods Campground in Whittington IL around 2 pm to get our site and settle down for the evening. They told us about there was a restaurant down the road that had great food and homemade pies. We did make that trip and found out the food was not that good, but the pies were great. Got back to the motorhome to sit around in the sun and watch people pull in for the weekend.

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