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The beach

The stellplatz on the pier

Our stellplatz

There we are!

The outer harbour

The old life boat house

The inner harbour

Along the river

Looking through the old gates to Carolinensiel harbour

Carolinensiel harbour

We had our first day in this vicinity exploring the local area. The stellplatz was located at Harlesiel by the sea and surrounded by the sea dyke which, was built in the 1950s to drain the Harlebucht. There is an inner and outer harbour divided by a pumping station which keeps the land dry. After exploring the harbours we headed along the side of the Harle River to the inland harbour town of Carolinensiel. What a lovely surprise this town was. It had a very pretty harbour with a number of historic fishing boats. We enjoyed sitting in a cafe in the sunshine and out of the wind looking down on the harbour. This wasn’t in our guide book. On returning to the stellplatz we discovered an old life boat station where we learnt about how rough the North Sea can get at times and the history of the life boat stations in the area.

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