Road trip Southeastern USA 2014 travel blog

history of my hotel




nice old car





old harbor area


with fishing caught a nice big fish lmao


needs a bit of work tires need some more air





want to go to Cuba just a short swim


ship wreck museum


when to the top of tower

bar of silver 64 pounds




from the top of tower



Key West Aquarium


























una nice beer

another one lol

Well I am here in Key West and out for a walk about the town checked out the old harbor area, got me a big fish ( I am sure a lot of people have said the same thing about my fish) lol went to the shipwreck museum and climbed to the top of the tower for a overall view of the area to the Aquarium then on to the Little White House, was the place where Truman spent 170 some days of his presidency as his vacation retreat, as it is still used as a presidental retreat could not take any pictures inside. I saw a sign on Trumans Desk that said the Buck stops here, was going to get one but on the other side said I am from MO, not lol. then on walking around the town back to hotel a bit of down time before happy hour at the hotel bar, beer thrity then, out for some dinner and checking out the night life, back to hotel calling it a good night.

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