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Elegant Trogon


Cactus with curved-billed thrasher nest in it

Curved-billed thrasher babies

Thurs May 15, 2014 One last try for the elegant trogon

Tom suggested we meet at Huachuca Canyon, also located in Fort Huachuca. And so we hiked again, up dusty, rocky, trails sometimes steep. This time, we got the elusive bird. We heard him barking (not a very “elegant” call at all!) and followed the sound till we got excellent looks. Denis got a picture before he flew off. We believe it does pay off to hire a guide when looking for something specific, or birding in an unfamiliar area. It saves a lot of time and hiking. Champagne tonight!

Other life birds on this hike were: dusky flycatcher, dusky-capped flycatcher, and Cordilleran flycatcher.

Back at the Casa B&B the pool was calling us. It so was refreshing after a long hike. The sun is so warm, even too warm for Judy, but Denis said he could get used to this. Hmmm, me thinks Denis wants to winter in Arizona. Mocha, Lacey, better get used to traveling in the car!

Tonight the Casa put on a Mexican dinner. Nice to sit with the other birders and share birding stories.

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