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Beginning of route 303

Still a Little Snow

Big Bear Lake

Stop along the Trail

Down the Drive on the Rim of the World

Baylis Park

Hills Northeast of the LA Basin

Annie at the Park

Our First Giant Sequoia the Year (It's a baby)

Highway Historical Marker

Green in the Hills

Ontario Airport

Scene of Lake George

View of Lake George

Along Highway 18

Higway 18 (note bridge near top of hill)

Descent into the Basin

Home Again

Craig, Merikay, Sue and Ray

Tuesday morning we pulled into Alfateers to begin some heavy work on the See Ya. The motorhome is six years old and it’s time to replace much of the caulking and rubber seals along with a list of smaller jobs. Not much was accomplished on Tuesday except to go over the list with Daniel, our service advisor.

Temperatures moved into triple digits here yesterday and today. We decided that the best way to cope was to, “head for the hills!” So, yesterday we drove up route 303 to 18 and on to Big Bear Lake. The temperature at Big Bear was in the mid 60s. We ate lunch at a sandwich shop that had patio seating that accommodated Annie. Then we drove to the north side of the lake for a short hike along an asphalt path near the lake. We drove the hour and a half drive back to Alfateers returning along the, “Drive on the Rim of the World”, California Highway 18.

It was an enjoyable (and cool) day with some great views of the Los Angeles County Basin along the way in both directions.

Today we spent the morning doing some shopping, but eventually the heat suggested altitude again. We didn’t want to go all the way to Big Bear again, so we opted to climb the Drive on the Rim of the World to an elevation of 5000 feet and Baylis Park. The park is small with several picnic tables and great views of the Basin below. The temperature was better (about 85) and the only drawback was bugs in the shady area that forced us to lunch in the sun.

We took a slight detour on the way down to Crestline and Lake George. It was a small town and a small lake called Lake George. From there it was back down route 18 and a return (with a brief stop for a frosty waffle cone at Wendy’s) to Alfateers.

The Alfa was hot inside when we returned so we spent a couple of hours sitting in the shade and having a pizza with fellow Alfa owners, Craig and Merikay MacKenna.

It now looks like work on the Alfa will not be completed until May 21.

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