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Wellington Cityscape

Too Chilly in Wellington

The Ferry from North to South Islands

Do I have bad breath?

Chris with a new friend

Too Cute

Even Cuter

Kaikoura Mts.

Check this view from our room

Gail & Murray from Auckland

Hi Everyone,

We heard about the storms in T.O...hope you are all dry and safe. We are doing well and loving this place. The scenery is so beautiful. It makes the long drives seem not so long at all. Since we last checked in, we drove down to Wellington from Rotorua. On the way we detoured to a place called Waitomo Caves. The caves themselves were "OK", last time we checked lights and paved walkways were not naturally occurring :) Anyways, the cool part was the glow-worms. They are like that little toy stuffed creature some of you may have had as kids (OK we are dating ourselves but.....), but they are just like that. They live on the top of caves and glow to attract bugs into their webbed feeding lines. The waste inside of them fuels a reaction with their natural phosphorous causing them to glow like a small LED. It was so wild as the top of the caves were lit up like stars in a clear night sky. Unfortunately we could not take pics as it disturbs them and others.....

After a night stopover we spent the next day in Wellington with our friends Pat and Delwyn whom we met in Samoa. They showed us around the city and made us a fab Kiwi dinner. The potatoe equivalent here is called Kumara and man we love this stuff. It is sweet like a banana almost but with a potatoe consistency. Can someone check if we can get it in T.O...if not we'll have to smuggle some home with TimTams.YUM Oh....TimTams's????? We won't go on as to make you jealous but holy smokes!!!!!!! The best cookie in the world. (Jo and Heather; caramel kills)

I promise we have actually lost weight and done more than eat :)

So, we took the ferry from Wellington to Picton, a "three hour tour"; (insert Gilligan tune here...join in) of nice ocean views. Once we arrived we drove down the East coast to Kaikoura, where we are now. Chris has spent way to much time and pics, playing and having fun with the seal colonies that live along the coast here. Way too much fun. They really smell when they burp in your face :) We were booked to go whale watching today but the ocean is angry at us. Every excursion we have booked in all 3 countries have been cancelled. So we have decided to stay an extra day and go tomorrow. So we had a nice lazy day walking around, playing with more seals and talking to you. When you see the pics you'll see why it's not hard to be bored here. The mountains from your bedroom window are so picturesque. Difficult to believe they are real.

The weather is pretty nice with the temp reaching to about 13C in the day and around freezing at night. As we travel South in the next few days it will definitely be getting colder. We hear there is even snow! Yuk!

We will backdate some underwater pics with the turtles in Samoa(Aug 10 entry) as we got our film converted to digital here so we can now show them to you. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. We also added some zorb pics to the last entry. Keep sending messages, we love to read them. Thanks for all the ones already.....

In search of whales next,

Chris and Troy :)

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