Helen & Nigel's Around The World trip 2013/14 travel blog

Helen & Nigel - Nelson Lakes - South Island - New Zealand

This is just a quick entry to register our arrival in the United States on the journal map system.

It was a very wet day when we returned the motorhome and transferred to Auckland international airport. We arrived 3 hours prior to boarding and checked in.

Nigel managed to mislay the passports but after a mild panic he found them. We expected more in the way of culinary delights at the airport lounge.We opted for Whopper burgers, fries and onion rings whilst waiting for the flight, a meal fit for a king? (Excuse the pun).

We used up our 30 minutes of free wifi and then noticed that to purchase more wifi time worked out at £5 for 45 minutes, so unsurprisingly we declined this offer.

Nigel gave Helen our last few New Zealand dollars to do with as she pleased however Helen's loathing for shopping anywhere in the world resulted in just the purchase of 2 bottles of water. The remainder were converted to US dollars and a small donation to charity.

Our overnight flight to Los Angeles in the USA was uneventful. During the night we did feel particularly sorry for one couple who had 3 very young children. These little treasures did very little other than scream and cry for 12 hours of the flight.

This was the first time either of us had crossed the international date line and quite strangely we arrived in LA, before we had left New Zealand.

On arriving in LA we caught the courtesy shuttle to stay the night in a nearby airport hotel before our flight to Cancun in Mexico the next morning.

We have attached one photograph to this short entry just to remind us of our great trip midway through New Zealand with an amazing group of people on South Island. A particular thank you to Erik and Hannah Staub who took the photograph and shared it with us.

Our next entry will hopefully be from Mexico.

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