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There was a terrible accident on the highway today. We were stopped for half an hour . I saw the ambulance speed away and when I finally passed the scene I saw a smashed up car in the median of the four lane highway.

Most of the four hour ( actual drive time) trip today was through national grasslands. Fortunately, the wind calmed down quite a bit since yesterday but it was still enough to constantly blow the tumbleweed across the road.

Liberal Kansas is so named for it's history of hospitality and generosity. In the 1880's water was scarce in southwest Kansas. A homesteader in the area, S.S. Rogers, dug a well for his own use but granted permission to all visitors to use the well. People tried to pay but Rogers said "the water was always free here." Legend has it that the visitors replied "that's mighty liberal of you" and the area became know as the Liberal well.

Liberal boasts a replica of Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz movie - on Yellow Brick Road yet! Think I'll pass!

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