Guatemala & Honduras 2014 travel blog

Rock Band



I Heart Texas

Public Transportation

Three Caballeros

Cowboy with nice kicks



Bed of shoes

Two cowboys talking next to a tile store

red white and blue

It's a Mario

Dad buying me a pen knife at a ferreterea


Town square- Nebaj


la iglesia


a guy an a bike in front of a church

peppers at the market

Monday Market at Chajul


more of the market

Out shopping


Tu Farmacia

little kids and corn

fruit stand

Street food

Town Center, one of about five pictures I took in Cobàn

Traffic ferry

People ferry (we took twice)

My Boots!

Entrance to Ceibal

Ceibal (Mayan Ruins in the jungle that we took a boat and...

Big ears

Jungle temple

The temptation

Strangler roots

Tim and Tony (taken on self-timer(in Tikal))

vines and a blurry pyramid

Dad looking at a picture he wants to take.... he's waiting because...

pristine structure that you can't climb

stairs that you can't use

a view from the top of the one pyramid you can climb

My Boots

There are men impaled with sticks on this path


more stairs

HA! that'll show em

Please do not touch or scratch the scratched in graffiti

Dad living life on the edge

I did

Two pyramids

Pyramid with a tree branch frame

Main plaza


These pictures are from the last week of the trip. Mom and VInny went home early, while Dad and I went all over Guatemala for a week. We went Huehuetenango, Todos Santos, Nebaj, Chajul, Flores, Ceibal, TIkal, and Guatemala City... All in that order. Most of the places we visited, we took day trips to from the hotels we had in Huehuetenango, Nebaj, and Flores. Ceibal and TIkal were two different Mayan archeological sites that we visited on two different days. If you have any interest in hearing more, send us a message or talk to us in person! If you want to look at more pictures check out our flickrs.




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