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My initial inspiration for this trip came from a newspaper clipping sent to me by one of Mo's cousins. The clipping was a story about trail walking in this new national park in Wales. So a thoughtful gesture turns into someone's craziness.

I have set up a base in Saint David's. It's a small town that has legal status as a city, granted by the Queen. It is built around Saint David's Cathedral, originally of Norman, early Gothic design. The Cathedral stands by itself in small valley of vivid green highlighted with blossoming trees and grass, so when you step through the old wall gate you see it in all its splendor below you. With the adjacent shell of the destroyed Bishops' palace, it is stunning, one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.

I've walked two sections of the Coastal Trail now. The route is beautiful, following the coast quite closely, sometimes atop dramatic cliffs. Little or no wildlife that I've seen, though I'm told there are seals, puffins, and occasional whales. Sparse vegetation, heather, grass, some wildflowers including a purple clover. Plenty of cows and sheep as per usual.

There is hardly a place to hide from the elements. Overcast and cool, constant wind but no rain. This afternoon I got a bit off route, and realized that in heavy fog or rain, it could be trouble. However, to escape, all one has to do is turn your back to the sea and go inland: sooner or later you'll find a road or farm.

Tomorrow I bus on down the road to a different trail section and then walk to my next overnight. Those who know about my health issues of a year and a half ago will be pleased to know I now feel as healthy and energetic as I did before the surgery and complications. Find me under grateful.

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