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The entrance to the Boggy Creek Show

The Billy tea getting ready

The set up for viewing the show

Tim and the dogs bringing the cattle in

Tim showing Aussie (the dog) and his horses

Showing his whip cracking skills

Aussie, the naughty Kelpie

Showing off one of his bulls, with humour !!

Three of the working dogs

The dogs at work

Wednesday 30th April

Today we are going only 70 kms up the Hume Hwy to a town named Holbrook. We have decided to stay in this town for one night as we have seen an add for a show called Boggy Creek Show. This is a show about horse training and also these guys breed and train Kelpie dogs to be working dogs on the farms. We quickly set the caravan up in the caravan park and headed off straight away as the show is at 12 noon. We called into the local Information Centre to get an idea of how to get to this working farm. We got to the show (after getting lost once) a bit early as we were not sure where we were going. Just on 12 noon a bus full of OLDIES !!! turned up, I think it was lucky they were going to the show as we were the only other people there. This is an interesting show, starts with JO (the wife of the farmer Tim, who is a fourth generation farmer) getting us to do a Cooooeeee call to Tim, he comes into view through the bush on his horse herding some cattle with the help of 3 of his dogs. The cattle are all herded into a fenced off area in front of us. Then we go into an area set up around a show area. Tim then explains some of the workings of the farm and he also shows us some of his horses and explains the different breed of horses. He does a whip cracking exhibition and also talk about the ferrals on the farm, pigs, goats, snakes, dingoes and foxes.

After a break for a billy tea, he then shows us one of the Potty calves, Morty, 40kgs at one day old, which they have had for a few years now. and now weighs 1120kgs..luckily for Morty once named animals don't get eaten.

Next Tim progressed onto how he trains the horses and also has three of his working dogs come in with about 20 sheep. I found this to be very interesting to watch the dogs work the sheep with mainly just hand motions, especially watching a young pup Jonesy (6mths) in training with the small flock.

One of the dogs, AUSSIE is a dog Tim found at the pound and bought him home to train, he is a dog that you cannot turn your back on, any chance Aussie gets he wants to be at the sheep or cattle, very eager to work all the time.

This was a really good show and if anyone is coming through this area we would recommend you stop and see the show. Ring first though..as to confirm show will be on when you are in the area.

When we got back to the caravan we were very lucky. Steph has a habit of when we first set the van up, turning on the electrical element on the stove to make sure the power is on. WELL !!! this time she obviously forgot to turn it off again, we went out for about 5 hours and get back to the van to find glass everywhere, the glass top on the oven (which was closed when we left) had shattered with the heat and the element was still turned on. We were extremely lucky that we still have a caravan, just need to by a new stove top when we get back.

We cleaned all the mess up and Steph was a bit quiet !!! for the rest of the night.

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