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Picked up in Pink Cadillac

What a ride, 6 door

Dawn looks bored

Front Marlowe's



Today was just another work day for me, up and on my way by 6:00 am to the plant. We had a terrible storm come thru about 2 am with lighting and hard rain. The storm let up when I drove to work but after I got there it let go again. There were tornado watches all day with bands of storms coming thru.

The girls did go rent a car so they can get around during the day when I am gone. They took the tour of Graceland today but didn’t take any pictures for me to post, sure Candy has some on Facebook.

We went to Marlowe’s Ribs & Restaurant tonight for supper, it has be featured on Diners, Dives and Drive Ins. It is kind of neat, you call the restaurant then they send a Pink Cadillac to pick you up and drive you to the restaurant. After you are done eating, you are back in the Pink Cadillac for the trip back to your lodging, the limo was a 6 door model. I had ribs and Candy had her catfish, poor Dawn all she eats is rabbit food, she is missing so much. We had to get back to the motorhome before 7 pm so Candy could watch her Dancing with the Stars, because of the time change everything is one hour earlier.

We did hear some bad news, Tupelo Mississippi got hit with a tornado today and it destroyed a big part of the town, only one person reported dead so far. Saw the pictures, amazing that anyone survived that one.

That’s it for now, have a great day.

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