The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

Well, tonight is the last night. Beautiful baby eva is being christened tomorrow and I cannot miss this important day in her life no matter what my sister says. Plus, i have learned, though i probably alreay knew, that although we were lucky enough to visit some fantastic places on this trip, the truth is i can be on vacation with my kids in schenley park just the same as being on vacation with them in Paris France.

Other Things i learned on my vacation

1. Mind the Gap.

2. Do stuff even when it is raining

3. Say yes to your kids more than you say no.

4. never rent an apartment from an independant agent

5. Never mind the stanger-danger stuff, teach your kids what to do when they get lost

6. you can never spend enough time with your mum

7. you need a travel guide in a stange city

8. other peoples kids cry more than mine do, but mine talk a lot

9. ask for help when you need it

10. the internet, don't leave home without it

and finally,

A month vacation is a wonderful thing. I am grateful to the many people who covered me at work and at home so that i could be away. Thank you. If you are reading this page, if you sent me a note while we were gone, if you said a prayer for us overseas during turbulent times, thank you.

And so we shall drive back to pittsburgh tomorrow morning and join up with all of the people we desperatley miss, (and you are one of them!), and start to immerse ourselves back into normal life before i go back to work on Tuesday. This has been wonderful piece of our lives, thank you for joining us in it.

The End.

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