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View of Vang Vieng from the Caves we went to

View of the Song river we went tubing. Really surprisingly mountaneous

View of paddy fields and mountains (Vang Vieng)

We caught a tuk tuk to the bus station at about 07:00, this gave us an hour before the bus was to leave, we were the first to buy tickets, and though it would give us a bit of time to get some food. After sitting down and having a drink and ordering some take away sandwiches for the journey, we realised that the bus was filling up quick...Dave, Shaun and I made a dash for it and managed to get the last 5 seats, one less than required, so Shaun and louise spent the 5 hour journey swapping seats and a position on the floor. When we got to vang Vieng Dave and Ameena found a decent guest house to stay at pretty quickly for $3's a night, we ditched all our stuff, and headed into the town for some food.

We spent 5 days in Vang Vieng, in that time we went tubing twice (basically sitting in a big inner tube floating down the river, stopping for beers at random locations on the way where a small shack had been setup and generally just relaxing and having a laugh. On our 2nd time we managed to stop at the place which had a rope swing (stopping is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes the current took you past the place you aimed to get off at), we all had a go and it was a real laugh.

The place is full of pizza parlours where you sit on cushions and watch movies, a lot of the time of your choice, it was really nice to just chill out drinking a beer lao, which is really light and refreshing, playing cards and watching some films (expecially as it rained most afternoons pretty heavily).

We also hired a bicycle for the day, managed to get as far as one cave, which was not very spectacular compared to the one from trekking, so couldn't be bothered to visit anymore and headed back for a drink.

All in all it was just nice to relax for a few days in one place after quite a bit of travel.

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