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camp for the night

Easter Sunday out for a nice hike











Frijole Ranch

Guadalupe Peak highest point in Texas 8749ft

Left Roswell very cloudy day heading to Carlsbad with rain for most of the trip. Got to the caves and was able to get on the kings room tour (a bit of luck as I was only a single person) was lots of people there as it was a saturday, just before Easter, and a free weekend for the national parks. To get out of the caves it was a very long wait for the elevator about a hour was about a 1000 people in line, in the afternoon there were about 1300 people in the cave. Left the the caves and headed to Guadalupe Mountains National Park and my camp area for the night, got the last camp site they had was the handicap one so was real close to the parking area (nice)but had wait about a hour for the rain to stop before I could set up my tent.

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