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My next new toy !!

Our ferry at Rydelmere

How wideeee are these ferrys ??

There are a lot of people doing it tough in Sydney !!

The crowd dispersing after the Royals visit

Our last shot of the Opera House from the ferry

Sunset from the ferry over Sydney Harbour

April 16th

As today was going to be our last day in Sydney we decided to go for another ferry trip up the river to Parramatta. After checking the bus and ferry timetables we left around 10am on the bus to connect with the ferry at Manly. When we arrived in Circular Quay we noticed that a large number of people were starting to gather at the Opera Theatre because the Royals were going to be there later in the day. (Good place to stay away from !!) We eventually got the ferry that was going up the river, unfortunately as there is a low tide the ferry cannot get up to Parramatta and we had to get off at Rydelmere and get on a free bus, well we thought we had the driver from hell the other day BUT this driver was insane, I think he is a frustrated racing car driver. He was running late and maybe someone had a go at him. The problem we had was that we had to go back to the boat from Parramatta with him. We did manage to hang on in both directions and got back to the ferry in one piece. (There was a couple of VERY close shaves along the way, including running red lights a couple of times)

The ferry ride was very relaxing (we needed it) 1.5 hours in each direction,and we arrived back at Circular Quay and had a coffee and delicious, jam & cream scones as we had to wait for 45 min for our ferry back to Manly. On the way back as we were crossing the Sydney Heads (a bit rough) but good fun, there was a couple of Dolphins following in the ferry's wake.

As it was about 6.45 when we got back to the caravan, (and we were not hungry) we decided to have take away Chinese from over the road from the caravan park around 8pm. Ordered tea and then settled down for the night.

We did take a couple of shot of the almost sunset over the bridge and opera house too...A lovely clear day and finally no rain.

Thursday 17th April

We left our park around 9am to head towards the Blue Mountains, where we are staying is only about 85 kms from Sydney, so a reasonably easy drive today.

We have had a lot of trouble finding a caravan park as it is Easter, The Easter Royal Show & School Holidays, but we did find the Nepean River caravan park at Emu Plains which is about half way between Sydney & Blue Mountains (only about 1 hour each way) So we are booked in here until Tuesday morning, we are going to use this as a base and do trips out from here. The park is very full (booked out) as they are near the Olympic Rowing complex and there is a competition on over Easter. They have been very helpful and changed a few bookings around to fit us in. Tomorrow we will probably go out to see the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains and also have a bit of a look around Katoomba.

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