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Hi all, so we finished in Dalat and it was time to leave, we arrived at the bus station, where there was a big coach and a few buses similar to beagle buses, but much worse. We weren't worried, our journey was a 5 hour journey, obviously we were going to be on the big coach, but no, we were on the chugger, and because our mini bus driver was late, we didn't even have proper seats. We had pull out ones that came halfway up our backs and were broken, it was horrific, worse journey so far! We weren't even sat together, however, the bus driver made excellent time, and we arrived to our surprise after 3 hours! We arrived on a beautiful day, aqua skies, blazing sun, and a lovely gusty wind to cool you down, so as per usual as soon as our feet hit the floor, taxi drivers jumped on us, however, this time it was a moped driver, just the one, obviously he couldn't take us both with our bags so would needed to have done two trips, no thank you! So he said he could do it for £3 each, and we knew the hotel was pretty close, we politely smiled and said no, however, when he persisted to nag us we just ignored him, he literally wouldn't let us speak between ourselves because he was shouting in our faces, in the end we said "no, we want a car", he said "ooooh you will pay 240,000", and just laughed at us, (around £7.50) ummm...ok!! how bloody stupid does he think we are?! So anyway we got into the taxi and it cost us around £1 for both of us, we now just ignore irritating moped drivers! So anyway, eventually we arrive at our hotel, which was right opposite the beach, a little bit far out from the restaurants, but well within walking distance, and the hotel staff were absolutely lovely! So that day we dumped our stuff, had a quick shower and then it was straight down to the beach, which was gorgeous! AND THERE WAS WIND, which meant we didn't sweat out every ounce of fluid we had consumed in the last 3 weeks, sea wasn't overly nice but it was still alright, UNTIL... Now I'm not the most confident person in the sea, every little thing (including my own shadow!) I see in the sea I assume is deadly and going to kill me, so Sean was floating a little bit away from me and I got a bit panicky as I thought I saw something, and then I heard, or thought I heard Sean say "oh look, a jellyfish", at which point I shot upwards out of the water, landing on Sean's shoulders and wrapping myself around him demanding he take me onto the sand, turns out he said "I feel like a jellyfish", in my defence, it was windy so it was difficult to hear! So after a few hours on the beach we headed back, both of course burnt to a crisp after oiling up. So the next day we decided to head to Vinpearl, which is an island owned by a huge resort with a waterpark and aquarium on, you have to get a cable car over the sea to get to it, it was brilliant. So we started off by going on the huge toboggan that goes down the hill on the side of the island, then on the kiddies roller coaster (we paid for the ticket, we were making sure we got our monies worth!!), then the dodgems (things got very violent, more about that later). Then it was off to the aquarium which was a lot better than the last one we went to, thank goodness. We then headed to the waterpark, which had an extremely lazy river, as in, you sit in a doughnut and literally don't move, so we just swam up and down that. Then after much persuasion Sean got me on a water slide that you don't use a doughnut for (yes I'm scared of water slides too!!), it was one where you go down the tube and then it shoots you out into a bowl and you plop out of the bottom (we renamed it the bowel), so anyway, when it shot me out into the bowl, I was so scared that I would plop out head first into the water I tried sitting up, which of course just made me spin lots, so with legs flailing and screams filling the bowl, I ultimately plopped out of the bowl head first into the water below. Sean tried to get me on this ride once more, I very swiftly told him where to shove it! We then went on the rest of all the rides, it was a great day, we sunbathed on the private beach. Before we left we decided to go on the family raft, so headed over there, but couldn't go on because there was only two of us, luckily a Russian family adopted us for the ride, so we got in and went SO fast down the slide, because we were going so fast we were going really high up the sides of the slide. To the point where I was at a right angle to the floor and fell out of my seat because I wasn't holding on properly, of course Sean found this hilariously funny and progressed to absolutely wet himself at me the whole way down at me pouting! After this traumatic, near death experience, it was off to watch the dolphin show, let me describe it in one word, SHOCKING, it was terrible, the dolphins were kept in tiny pens and when they were let out went a bit nuts and didn't do anything the instructor told them! Overall it was a great day, we had so much fun and didn't stop laughing the whole day! Before we left the island, we decided to have one more go on the dodgems, now as we are both slightly violent we were very picky about the positions of our dodgems, and as we were queueing we spied two facing each other so both bolted for them, however, as I went to get in mine this kid of about 8 runs over and tried to take it off me, now to be fair to me my foot was already in the car so it was rightfully mine, and I REALLY wanted this car, what I did next I am not particularly proud of, instead of giving the child the car, I had a stare down with him and shrugged when he lost, he stomped off to another one not to far away, and continued to point at me and give me evils, I actually wish I'd given him the damn car because once we started him and Sean ganged up on me, and whenever the child got near me he shouted "DIE YOU BASTARD", yes they are very friendly out here, the children are such delights! So after an awesome day at Vinpearl, we headed back over on the cable car which was gorgeous as we overlooked the city all lit up at night, it was beautiful. That evening we decided to book a trip to the mud baths the next day.

So the next morning, it was off to play piggies in the mud, we arrived to a beautiful tranquil garden, in the centre was a huge pond, with bridges over to various different places, so we quickly got our bathing costumes on and headed up to the mineral shower, which were VERY powerful! Once we were showered, we headed down to our own little kidney bean shaped bath, slowly filling up with thick muddy water, as we had gotten there for when the spa opened, there were only a few people there so it was so peaceful. We soaked in mud, pouring it over ourselves, I then dabbed some carefully on my face so as not to get it in my eyes, and then Sean came up with the fantastic idea to put it in my hair, so he tells me to bend forward, so I gave him a slightly hesitant look, saying no it'll go in my eyes, he says nooo it'll be fine, and of course it went in my eyes, so for the next 10 minutes or so I sat unable to open my eyes as there was grit in them from the mud, well at least my hair was feeling nice and soft afterwards! So we sat in the mud for around 40 minutes, which was so nice and relaxing, and then it was off to the showers again before having our massage shower and mineral bath. The massage showers were amazing! Thy were really powerful jets coming out of two walls that you walked through and it literally felt like a massage, and then we sat in really hot mineral water, we only managed around 15 minutes in there before we had to get out because of the heat. Our spa section of the day was over after this, however, we had full use of the facilities which included a man made waterfall which you could stand under, and also three different swimming pools which varied in temperature, sun loungers and deck chairs. We spent the day chilling out and getting VERY burnt, we were rather sore by the end of the day, overall it was a great experience, definitely worth the money! It was then off to the huge indoor market, we mooches around, browsing various trinkets, and it soon became clear we were in the mood for bartering, we bought loads of different stuff varying from a neck support for me, to coasters for Sean (I know, he's so domesticated!), we were there until the market closed, so with bags bulging with bargains, we headed back to the hotel in the early evening, grabbed some tea, and hit the hay. The next few days were spent chilling out on the beach, catching up on our tanning (I know, bet you're all so jel!), and generally just chilling out, however, after 3 days of this Sean got bored and decided we had to do something, so decided to go to Vinpearl again on our last day there, we had a great time as we went on all the rides we didn't last time because they were shut, also the park was a lot quieter because it was during the week so we had virtually no queues the whole time we were there. So we were going around and came across the rides we hadn't gone on last time, as I'm a bit of a wuss with water slides I went on the smallest one which the kids to on too as well as adults, while Sean went on the biggest one. So I climb the stairs and find two little girls waiting to go down, no one attending the slide in sight, so basically you just had to look out for when someone reached the bottom and then go yourself, while we were waiting, a queue started to form behind me. The first little girl went down, leaving he other watching for when she had safely got to the bottom, as the little girl steps into e slide, this Russian woman barges her way through and pushes in front of this little girl to go first, the little girl just looks at me all upset, and I of course cannot let this evil witch push in front of this little girl, so tap her on the shoulder and tell her the little girl was waiting, she just looks at me and laughs, and starts to go, so I tsp her a lot harder this time and demand she get up for the little girl, which she did, but continued to push in front of me, the woman was clearly crazy as she was smiling her head off, so I just let her go, however, instead of waiting until the little girl was near the bottom, she goes straight away, and her feet go straight into he little girls back, and this poor girl has to go down the slide pretty much joined to this old biddy, I was fuming when I got to the bottom, I really wanted to have a go but she didn't speak a word of English so would've been pointless, nonetheless I still gave her a filthy look as we walked past. Oh come on, don't tell me you're surprised I had ANOTHER row with someone?! Shortly after this incident, Sean and I decided to go on one if the double doughnut rides, so we get to the top and there's a rather large Russian woman in front of us with a single doughnut, instead of sitting ON the doughnut, she decided to try to get it over her head and round her waist, and then faces us, sitting down, about to go backwards, I've never seen anything like it, of course me and Sean are stood there absolutely wetting ourselves, so the guy comes over and just looks at her and tried to explain that she has to sit ON the doughnut, facing front, well I tell you wha, she made hard work of it! She crouches down with her feet in the middle facing front, and again the man says no you have to sit on it, I honestly cannot comprehend how someone could be that stupid, we were there for a good few minutes staring open mouthed at this large Russian woman who simply could not fathom how to sit on a doughnut to go down a water slide, hadn't she seen anyone come down it for goodness sake?! So that actually made for a very hilarious day, amongst other things such as me trying to sit on a doughnut in the wave machine, overestimating the jump and falling backwards into the water, legs flailing in the air, also tipping Sean upside down in the lazy river, and of course, the dodgems once again, yes there was much violence inflicted upon anyone who came within 3 metres of me or Sean. So all in all, Nha Trang was fantastic, a really stunning place and we had the best time! The next morning, we packed up, had another mooch around the market, and got ready for our night bus that evening to Denang...

Love and hugs

Aimee and Sean xxx

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