German Auditions, Spring 2014 travel blog

Got in at midnight. Woke up to THIS!!!!!! :)

And wherever I looked, there were mountains, with snow.


even in the background here

Yes, I really was here! And guess what.. I'm coming BACK!!!!!!!!

So.. as I said, the whole trip to Innsbruck represents a much lighter turn of events, and emotions. I was completely wiped out by the time I arrived, and after letting the only three taxis leave with other people, I wandered about the train station looking for a bus. When the only bus I found contained a driver who studiously ignored me, I sighed, exasperated, and turned around to see an entire LINE of TAXIS waiting at the other end of the upper platform! 15 minutes later I was walking into my hotel, where the doorman greeted me by name. (it was an easy guess, he explained, all the other guests had already checked in). It was dark, I was EXHAUsted, so I unpacked, took a quick shower, and went to sleep. Thankfully, the next day's audition wasn't til 2pm, so I slept in a little (til almost 7:30!!!!). I was not prepared for the view that greeted me when I opened the curtains.

I went out for the pre-audition walk, and discovered that it doesn't matter which way you look in Innsbruck, the views are incredible. Even if two days later you take the incline rail up to the village of Hungerburg, hike up even further, then ask your friend to take a picture, just to, you know, PROVE you were in this incredible place.. you STILL get those incredible mountains in the background.

Yes, the incomparable Kristina Cosumano, who is in the ensemble at the Landestheater, took it upon herself to show me around, see that I had things to do, and stuff to see. It will take a few years to exhaust all the hiking trails alone! On Sunday we ate at this incredible Gaststätte called Arzler Alm, which you have to almost climb to reach, then sit down at the communal picnic table if you can find a couple of spots that are free. Everyone was jovial, polite, and friendly, and the Kaspressknödelsuppe was delicious!!!.

Oh, did I mention, after I finished singing my audition, they offered me a job on the spot? Well, they did!! So I accepted, and we are working out the details now. I am relieved, delighted, and busy working out living arrangements, "Documentation" and more.

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