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Battery Point Lighthouse

Walking up to the lighthouse

Buoy's caught in the trees

Whale watching

Amazing tide pools

Leaving the redwoods

The never ending trail!

Should have read this sign!

We drove up to Crescent City, CA and went to Battery Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse has been an active lighthouse for over 150 years with the residence for the innkeeper on site. Legend has it there is a resident ghost haunting the lighthouse and it has been a filming location for several tv shows and movies. I don't think I could ever tire of going inside these lighthouses. They have such a charm and feeling of history. We went through Redwood State Park next through Jedediah Forest. Another gorgeous site filled with a magical forest. We didn't read the sign of the trail (Even though I'm the one who took the picture!) and we thought it was a half mile trail in a loop to bring us back to the car. We trekked into the woods and realized after about 2.5 miles we were just getting further into the forest with no turn around in site! We went a bit further and finally met up with other hikers who told us it was a ONE way trail and we turned around and trekked back! Would not have been so bad if we were prepared for a 5 miles...

We are so excited for our next stop and one of our #1 destinations; Oregon!!!!

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