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Pigeon point Lighthouse

Our First Lighthouse!

Whale watching

I love lighthouses

Farmers Markets!

San Francisco love it!

San Francisco Street Food Park!

Would love for this to be future home!!

Oldest bar in San Francisco

We headed up the coast toward San Francisco our next destination. On the way, we came across our first lighthouse, Pigeon Point. This is the tallest lighthouse on the west coast that is still in active use for the US coastguard. Built in 1871, the light flashes every 10 seconds. We didn't get to go inside, but were able to get right up to it. They have a light house keeper who told us about the prism and how it works. Such a peaceful area. There were a few people whale watching just over the fence, the winds were cold and brisk.

We continued on to San Francisco, a city we both love. Who wouldn't? I love the architecture of all the buildings and homes. However, the city is so expensive to live in, we decided to live here we would need 2 jobs each, 2 more roommates and live in an efficiency! Lol!! We stayed at the Budget Inn, basically in skid row. It was more like a hostel with just a basic room, no tv or phone and a shared bathroom down the hall. Hey, for $50 in San Francisco?! There was a couple screaming and fighting throughout the night-literally knocking furniture over and chasing each other down the hall! I woke up the second morning to a guy repeatedly yelling 'caviar' up and down the hall. Not sure if he was asking for caviar or trying to peddle some! Either way,I put my earbuds in and just went back to sleep! We had to get a 'hotel' for our vehicle as well about 8 blocks from our room. We walked around the city and went to thrift stores in the Haight, and walked through the Castro area. We went to the Saloon which boasts to be be the oldest, still open, bar in San Francisco. They are celebrating their 150 year anniversary. The owner just asks that you raise your glass when you want another round, assuming no changes, and she will refill your glass when she can as she can't hear you if you ask her for another.

Our journey will continue up the coast and we are so excited to see the redwoods!!

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