Our trip to France, April 2014 travel blog

*Phew*! What a rigamarole! Not to mention the stress! I knew we are allowed 23kgs, but with one thing or another I wasn't reading my bathroom scales properly and we kept unpacking until, puzzled at the half empty cases, checked again and found was only 12kgs! Whats a girl to do when she can double her packing hahahaha Well, thats all done, and now just one more sleep!

We leave Wellington at 3pm arrive at Melbourne at 5pm, local time. Have our evening meal then leave from there at 11pm. We sleep all the way to Abu Dhabi where we arrive at 6.30am, departing for Amsterdam at 9.30am. We get into Amsterdam at 2.40pm. No time for sleep, we want to do a night cruise on the canals to see it all by night, including cruising past the Red Light area. I have heard the Dutch powers that be kinda regret going the way they have and the Red Light may soon be no more. Its a very real part of their history and I hope they keep it, but with mannequins not with real girls ;-) Hopefully we wake in the morning in time to catch the 8.45 flight to Geneva where Damian will meet us. WaHooo!!

Now, back to worrying... Have I packed everything, have I allowed enough time to get to Wellington on time, will we miss our flights, how will we cope with the long flights (I'm ok, done it before, but Rob hasn't)

Hope to catch you next time en route

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