Tulips & Windmills of Netherlands & Belgium 2013 travel blog


Our Viking ship The Odin docked in Hoorn













Blue Heron on the pier looking for lunch


















Visit to a wonderful Dutch couple's home for dessert, all homemade















Dutch countryside around Hoorn




The Old Fish Market




Dutch greeting back on the ship

Hoorn is an ancient harbor town founded in 716 and awarded city rights by the Count of Holland in 1357. During the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th Century, Hoorn was a prosperous center of trade with seafarers departing from its shores and returning with exotic spices like pepper, nutmeg, cloves and mace to be sold at vast profits. This skill in trade and navigation established the town's name far and wide. Holland's first herring net was woven in Hoorn. Today, it is a blend of the old and new, with monumental facades, museums that celebrate its memories, and yet a fully equipped modern marina.

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