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Sea lions sunning on the beach

I love the color of the water

Wild flowers decorate the highway

Big Sur Forest

Gorgeous towering redwoods

Magical forest

Marked tree

Just a quick break for photos

So peaceful

Views to remember

The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur was beyond what we imagined. The views were gorgeous and beyond what we can put into words or show in pictures. We were so excited to stop and check out the sea lions that were sunning and flapping cool sand over their bodies. We loved the fresh smell of the ocean, trees and flowers. The road was a journey of twists and turns, at times with speed limits only 15-20 mph. As you wind around each turn, you see a different view and angle from before. The only downfall was a bit of dizzying car sickness! Big Sur was unlike anything we had seen before. The temperature drops and the towering trees block the sun. We felt like Hansel and Gretel! We took photos of a tree that dated back to the 1400's! We tried to find camping at one of the parks but all sites and lodging were full. Camping in this area is so popular the sites book months in advance and they run $50 and up just for a tent site, but I'm sure it's worth it to sleep in this magical forest. We are going to head on up to Monterey CA for a stop over on our way to San Francisco.

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