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first view of Petronas towers






Merdeka Square

Communications Tower

lovely Colonial buildings

Royal Selangor Club



inside National Museum


Today we took the ship’s shuttle in to town and used the metro system to move around the city.

Kuala Lumpur is a city of towering skyscrapers much like Singapore but without the charm. It is dominated by the twin Petronas Towers that soar 88 stories. At the base is a large shopping center and elevators to take you up to the bridge that connects the two towers. Unfortunately the elevators to the bridge have to be booked at least a day in advance, so we had no chance to go up there. The Formula 1 race was in town and the Towers Mall had a big display about it.

After taking lots of photos of the towers we took another metro ride to Merdeka (Independence) Square. This was the historic seat of the British Government in Malaysia. There are some lovely colonial buildings around the square including the Royal Selangor Club, a mock Tudor style building. They seem to have demolished a few buildings on one side of the square but we didn’t get to know why.

We continued on our train ride down to the Central Station to walk to the National Museum for a short history lesson. The museum itself combines traditional Malay and modern elements. The heritage area was very informative about the various countries that invaded Malaya. Influences of the Portuguese, Dutch and the British who at various times ruled here, can be seen here in the buildings and the people. There were many signs and banners of condolences around town to the victims of flight 370. There is talk that the flight may have gone down in or near the Malacca Straits where we are sailing.

This is a Mega shopping town. There are 60+ malls, some very high end. The Malays love to shop but that may have more to do with the air conditioning than anything else!

We had a nice few hours to ourselves adventuring on the streets of KL.

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