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20 minute tram ride.....long way from where we started

4 old ZipLiners

Platform 2 to 3 almost needed binoculars to see it (yellow circle)

Here comes Bobby.........finally!


Just 2 more to go

Holy s*#-t….zipline. Nothing like I expected. I thought no big deal ….a little ride on a cable across a canyon. Little did I realize we would cover 1.8 miles and reach speeds up to 55 mph 700 to 800 feet above the ground. It started at the base station where we all were fitted up with the gear, received a short lesson on how to use it, a short safety talk and then had to sign a waiver of liability. That should have set off some kind of alarm but it didn’t.

Boarded the tram up to the first “platform”. Short practice trip of only 100 or so feet to platform 2….last chance to change your mind….from here on down only one way….via cable. Still no problem. Platform 2 to 3 ….. long way (see picture) could hardly see the next platform. Off we go. I wanted to go first so I could take some pictures of the rest of the group coming in but for some reason Elaine beat me. Only about a 40 second ride but I didn’t realize I could hold my breath that long. Scenery….who was looking…….had my eyes glued to the next platform praying I’d be able to stop and trying to remember everything they told me. Thank God Elaine was already there …..saved me having to worry about her. 35 mph never seemed that fast …but holding on to that little pully SCREAMING along that cable gave it an entirely new perspective. 7 platforms total……….4 more to go to reach terra firma…….not even half way ………holy s#-*t!

Where is Uncle Bob and Aunt Carole?. Long delay in riders arriving. Heard that someone got stuck just short of the landing. Hope its not……..sure enough Uncle Bob is the next one to arrive and says he stopped a little too soon and had to pull himself along the cable hand over hand to the platform…..he didn’t seem at all shaken by the ordeal however…………Another even longer delay……….next thing we see is Aunt Carole’s arrival in the arms of one of the guides. Seems she also stopped even shorter and was unable to turn herself around and reach the cable to pull herself in. As her strength started to give out and panic started to set in one of the guides went out to rescue her…….good god, thank heavens FOR THOSE GUIDES. Platform 3 to 4 the guide accompanied her but true to the Nowak spirit she insisted on going it alone the rest of the way and got a rousing cheer from all when she finally reached the base. Next to the last platform, platform 5 to 6 was the longest…….almost a full minute……speed of 55 mph. Kissed the ground when it was finally under foot again.

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