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Well my Internet isn't so good so it's hard to upload all my pictures to each blog but I know it's a few days since I've been to Fraser but here is what we did :)

Set off quite early morning after a short video on how to drive on sand so I'm a bit nervous that someone in the car may kill us hahaha but anyways we all pile into 4 cars 8 people in each car and our group is at that back so me and dean and another English guy, 2 Swedish girls and 2 people from Germany and one from Israel that makes our group straight from the off we were a good click and were chatting, music and that as we get onto the ferry for a short trip across to Fraser Island and the adventure begins! Richard is the guy driving us first and we have to avoid lots of logs on the sand so have to drive in the sea abit which is fun! Quick stop at a shop for lunch and that then it's onto lake Wabbey where dean gets to drive for a bit which is fun to finally see him drive! It's a long hot walk but we make it to the lake for a swim and there are some huge cat fish in the water and those little fish what nibble at your feet! So after a few hours there we head to camp ( east coast tours are so much more chilled) the tents are tiny and made for 3 people but me and dean manage to get one to ourselves so have a bit more room, we only have a sleeping bag no pillow or mat! So we all cook in the camp kitchen like 50 people making the same meal having a few drinks and that. Then we play a few drinking games and head to the beach for a bit of a party which was a crazy experience! No one gets eaten by a dingo on the way back so that's good lol

Next day we drive to a fresh water creek which u get in a top and current takes u all ya down to the sea which was immense fun!! Played a few ball games and sunbathed there most of morning waiting for tide to change so we could drive again then we see a cool shipwreck and drive to Indian heads look out which is ace didn't see andy sharks or dolphins though! Then a quick off road drive to the champagne rock pools with some cool fish and some more suntanning ourselves then I get to drive!! So great never driven something so big and driving through mini streams to camp site was cool! Then same again that night make tea and drink.... Spend most of my night looking after a drunk Deano though! But all good fun.

Final day and the guide has saved the best till last! We head off road for about an hour to lake makenzie which is so much fun! Then we arrive and it's just beautiful!! Fresh water and no fish so my favourite kinda lake to chill out in most of the morning lots of swimming and exfoliating ourselves with the super fine sand! Then lunch and head back to hostel that afternoon!

Truly a beautiful place and you can walk around with no shoes on ( as it is just a sand island) saw some dingos and lots of bugs and lizards defo a nice place for a cool adventure! Just don't go in the sea as u may get stung but a jelly fish smaller then your finger nail but it would still kill you!!

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