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It's snowing along I70

Winnie at KOA

Today was not a good day. I had planned to go to DMV, changed my mind when we figured out we could get the title done through the mail just as quick and I realized with a crack in the windshield Winnie probably wouldn't pass inspection. I also don't think I could have gotten inspected 2 months early. So it looks like we will be driving without a new registration sticker in June.

Not going to DMV opened a lot of time so we should have had a relaxing morning before my dentist appointment. No such luck. While I was waiting for Sue to go to the bank I was listening to the radio in the fit, and it went off - dead battery. The problems we had in Florida have come back. After calling Jared for a jump, I fiddled with the key and the car started. Sue dropped me off at the dentist and she went to the Honda dealer, because the only place to get a battery is from the dealer. While I was being tortured at the dentist (deep cleaning), she was debating with the dealer. They tested the battery and again it was above the cold cranking amps needed to avoid coverage under the warranty. I wanted them to replace it even if I had to pay for it, but they didn't do it. After driving about 2.5 hours with the ignition switch at the Accessory position the car started when we got to our overnight stop at the KOA in Harpers Ferry. So far so good.

Now the snow. It started as we got onto I95 at about 2:00 PM and continued all the way to West Virginia where it pretty much stopped. The highways were wet, but not icy or snow covered.

Ringo is in the house, but he hasn't been seen. Hopefully he will come out as we travel along.

Tomorrow we'll be headed south long I81. Looks like a much better day for driving.

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