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Our room at The L Motel!

Strolling down San Francisco St

Love this city!

Some new friends!

Our tour guides

Good times in Flagstaff!

Downtown Flagstaff

Weatherford Hotel

Packing up and heading for Los Angeles!!!

We absolutely loved it here in Flagstaff! The city is so welcoming and everyone here was so friendly and engaging -even the postal workers! This is my favorite city so far. The weather was warm during the day and perfectly cool at night. We stayed at the L Motel where the staff was friendly and helpful. While we were here, we decided we packed too much and went through our tubs and shipped some things back home and made a large donation to Goodwill. You realize you can live with much less than you thought. We are now heading to Los Angeles to visit friends we know from Minneapolis who recently moved to West Hollywood. We are taking the I-40 West through the Mojave desert. La La land here we come!!

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