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Nina with a Viking

View from our Hotel Door

In the Blue Lagoon with Alex

Well the thrill of the inroom internet service aside, i have mixed feelings about iceland. It is truly an interesting place and everything about it is rugged and raw. But is is a little un-nerving as well: money system eludes me (1000, 5000 kruger bills, coins for 100 krugers, 50 krugers, i cant even explain it). I went to the MAC machine to get money and wasnt sure how much to take, so i picked the middle button. For all i know I pulled 500 dollars out of the bank. Which brings me to un-nerving iceland thing number two, which is that iceland people are so reserved. They are nice for sure, but dont smile much. It is different than the british people who are just a little pompous never having fully accepted that they do not have an empire anymore, but these iceland people, they are nice just not overly friendly. Maybe it is me, you know anything too serious completely throws me for a loop since i cant stay serious for long. So i dont feel like i can really go and ask someone to explain the money system. I try to figure out the dollar to kruger ratio by looking for the price of gas, but i cant find a station. My final grump about iceland is that while there are lots of people pushing strollers around with little kids, none of them are eating for sure becuase the restaurants dont have high chairs or kids eating out. For dinner we trudeged around in the rain until we finally find a little side street place that seems to have an autentic menu and we go there. The server finds an old high chair and since no one else is in the place, we basically have him all to ourselves. The bill is 8700 krugers. I am not sure if the dinner cost 5 dollars or 100. :-)

The blue lagoon is just as it looks in the pictures. It is crazy, you walk thru the cold air and rain into the water and it is so warm that after a little while you actually feel hot, so hot that you want to step out of the water to cool off in the rain. Alex and I sit on the side of the lagoon and people-watch. He is funny with his commentary on the things he sees.

It is fun, the country is interesting, but i think we are ready to check that bloody luggage into the airline and get on the move back to the states.

Farewell iceland.

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