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Mural in Visitor Center

Visitor Center

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Tour Trolley

Today it was nice it was nice to step out of the motorhome with no snow or freezing temperatures. The sun had not come up yet but, the birds were chirping and we had an owl do a little bit of hooting. Could stand outside and drink a cup of coffee without a coat, so nice. The weather was not the best we could wish for, but no snow or rain. After we had breakfast it was time to leave for Savannah downtown. First on the agenda was to take a city tour to see what we would like to return to for a closer look. Went to the Visitor Center to board a tour shuttle of the city. The Visitor Center is the old train station that has been closed down and converted into the Visitor Center. The mural as on one of the walls when we walked in. There are several tour companies based out of the visitor center waiting to get your money. Done some shopping and they all said they were the best with the price for what you get. Several were the type you could get on and off on the route, get off at a point of interest and reboard another shuttle when it came by. We decided to take the tour, Oglethorpe Trolley Tours, that didn’t stop, just took you around the city for 90 minutes. Savannah has a lot of stuff in a 2 mile square, but most of it is old famous homes that are now museums that have been restored. The town is not spread out, so everything is on top of each other. Some interesting tidbits, building can only be up to 14 stories, the bench scene where he was waiting for the bus, from Forest Gump was filmed in Chippewa Park in downtown Savannah. The bench is gone but the spot is marked for the tourist. It was a good tour but it was very cold riding around that the trolley so decided to wait for tomorrow when they are predicting 70 degree weather, we will attack the tour spots then. We have reservations for Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady & Sons, tomorrow at 3:30 pm to see if the food is as good as people say. Some other tidbits about Savannah, in the 2 square miles of city there are 22 park like squares, in 1733 Savannah was founded as the 13th colony and the city was founded by General James Oglethorpe. Juliette Gordon Low, whom started the Girl Scouts, is from Savannah. Savannah is also home to the Mighty US Army 8th Air Force that was activated in 1942 in Savannah Georgia.

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