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Thankfully, the wind subsided and we got an early start heading for Fontana and the Alfateers RV Service Center to get some work done on the coach.

California is not our favorite state but that's where Alfateers are located so here we go. It's 185 miles from Ehrenberg to Fontana; we passed three rest areas and all three were closed. To avoid bladder failure by Foxy, we pulled off at a Love's and Joe took her for a short walk. The drivers here are a strange breed. They merge onto the freeway very slowly clueless there's a big motorhome looming down on them; Joe actually likes to drive one lane over to avoid this problem but that's not always possible. Then, there are the drivers who pass at the speed of light, dart in front, and slow down. They seem to not realize a 35,000-lb. rig can't slow down that fast. And then, there are the drivers who just plod along at a painfully slow speed, on the phone or otherwise distracted, totally unaware they could possibly get run over.

But, we made it safely and we're hoping for a brief stay here. Visits to RV repair shops are always expensive and the less time we're here, the better.

Stay tuned.

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