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View for our breakfast

On the boat



Bit of a late start after a couple of hectic days. Breakfast near the pool (Vicki got real tea - yoohoo!). After catching up on a bit of internet, reading and lying around the pool, went for a walk around Flores.

Flores is a tiny island, It only takes 10 mins–maybe 15 if you’re strolling–to walk right around the island. From end to end it’s only a quarter of a mile. And ringing the island is a paved walkway so you can take in an unobstructed view of Lake Peten Itza in 360 degrees. Only one small causeway connects Flores to the mainland and its sister town, the larger and more modern Santa Elena. So you have to try very, very hard to get lost.

The island was once one of many Maya settlements in the areas near the lake. The natural protection afforded by the water helped protect the settlement for a while, but eventually it succumbed to the Spanish. The settlement was razed and the Spanish built their own colonial village there. They built a church in the center of the island on the highest point fronting a very small Parque Central, and they paved the streets with cobblestones.

In the afternoon a group of us hired a boat (and driver) and spent some time around the lake. Climbed a hill on the mainland that overlooks our island, did a bit of swimming, had a few drinks, and watched the sunset.

In the evening we had dinner with a local family who cooked the local dishes for us.

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