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Local market

Temples 1,2 & 3

From top of one of the temples

Main square


spot vicki

After breakfast we had a walk down to the nearby Saturday markets. This was mainly fresh food, some handicraft and clothing stalls.

Then it was a short ride to the Guatemalan Border. Exited Belize (after paying the usual departure tax) and then walked over to Guatemala immigration, which seemed to be a pretty casual affair. Don't actually pass through immigration as such, just walk into a covered area, pay your $US3 entry fee, get your passport stamped, and come back out the same door. Only problem was when I checked my passport, they had not stamped it. So I went back in, found the same guy. Lucky he remembered me, had a look, said "Sorry about that" and stamped the passport. Not sure what problems that could have caused later.

From the border it was back into a minibus for about a two hour ride to Tikal and its impressive ruins. While we lined up to buy our tickets, one of the rangers came up to the group and explained some things in Spanish - I understood him! Those spanish lessons are paying off. We can expect a lot less english from now on.

Towering above the jungle of the Tikal National Park, the five granite temples of Tikal are an awesome sight and one of the most magnificent Maya ruins. Hidden in the jungle growth there is a maze of smaller structures just waiting to be explored. The energetic can climb to the top of the ruins for spectacular views over the canopy. The jungle is also full of wildlife. We stayed until sunset at the ruins and had dinner in the National Park.

Then it was another two hour minibus ride to Flores, where we spending a couple of nights.

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