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Van on Dogwood Creek

The geese coming to check us out.

The geese feeding.


Dogwood Creek

Lunch after church at Miles Lutheran.

We moved on only 20 kms to Miles as we wanted to be somewhere where we could get good TV for the footy Friday night (Broncos - and wasn't it worth seeing?) and church on Sunday. We thought we would camp at Gill Weir, only 6 km out of town but when we got there it was rather like Glebe Weir (except not as pretty) with no-one there and quite dry and hemmed in by scrubby trees. Consequently, we ended up back in town, camped by Dogwood Creek. The comments on Wiki Camps made it sound less desirable but we have found it enjoyable here. The view is pretty. We are set up overlooking the creek, which unfortunately, like most things out here at the moment is very dry and low. This area has just been added to the vast number of drought affected areas in Qld. We are visited a number of times a day by 10 geese which have become a town tourist attraction since their owner either died or left town and they now wander at large. Various people come to feed them and they check out every car that comes. When they are near they come running and cackling each time we go into the van in the hope that we are getting bread for them!

Lots of people come here to have morning tea or lunch or to exercise themselves or their dogs and we have had quite a number of chats with both locals and tourists. One lady travelling, on her own, from Phillip Island to Port Douglas in a motor home, parked next to us one night. At church today, Lutheran, we were invited to stay for lunch afterwards as they were having their AGM after that. One of the farmers there knew of Richard's uncle's sheep station, Camby Downs, which he visited in his teens and told him that it has now been turned into a coal mine. Coal and coal seam gas is very unpopular with the locals out here as it pushes prices of everything up for all locals - regular shopping as well as housing, rental and buying are all affected.

We will move on tomorrow. Not sure where yet but need water and power. Our van battery is fine. The solar panel is working well but we need to recharge computer and phones etc. and especially we need water and showers!

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