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The little garden patio at our cabin in Turangi at the Sportsman...

The little deck at our cabin

Lots of old fashion gardens to enjoy while sipping a wine on...

The main lodge area

Mt. Ngauruhoe

Mt. Ruapehu 2979 m high

Goodby Mount Doom and Wellington here we come!

The river valley of Rangitikei River

So beautiful!

We had a late 11:30 start since we were planning things to do later on. We were glad to be sitting in the car driving to Wellington. Our bodies were sore from the 20 km hike along the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. We drove through many river valleys and you could always see mountains in the background. The road at times was curvy and steep. It wasn't a boring drive. Every corner you took there was another beautiful view. We travelled through a flat area near Waiouru. It is a military town used as the main training base for the New Zealand army. It is 815m above sea level and has cold winters and hot summers. We saw soldiers with guns training in the fields that looked like desert. We even saw a tank on the opposite side. There was a sign advertising about joining the army. It said " ARE YOUR KIDS DRIVING YOU CRAZY? WE'LL SORT THEM OUT! " We had lunch at Utiku along the Rangitikei River. During this afternoon of driving, we both went to the wrong side of the car to get in. It's hard to change things you have learned to do a certain way all your life! We really like the road sign "Merge like a Zip". When we got closer to Wellington, the highway took us along the rocky coast where the road is built into the rock cliff and the waves are crashing on the other side. We are staying with friends we met on our Peru trip: Ollie and Cara. They live in Lower Hutt. It is very windy here and much cooler than Auckland.

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