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Our Campsite, Somerset, PA

The Entrance

A Field of Honor

Village of Lambertsville, PA

And the Plaque

May Day!

May Day Plaque

We're Going to Do Something

Fighting Back

Flight 93 Crew and Passengers

The Wall of Names

Down the Wall

The Gate

The Impact Site

The Boulder

A shorter drive to our next stop where we'll be for 2 days in order to visit the Flight 93 National Memorial. If you are ever in the area, we highly recommend the smorgasbord at the Oakhurst Tea Room. Good, hearty Pennsylvania Dutch cooking at its best!

We visited the Flight 93 Memorial on September 9th and they were in the final stages of preparing for the 9/11 ceremony. We attended a wonderful presentation by the Park Rangers and learned so much more of what actually transpired on that terrible day. When the terrorist-hijackers took over the plane, passengers and crew began phoning family, friends, and authorities to report the hijacking. Their calls - 13 people placed 37 calls - told them of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and they realized their plane was part of a planned attack. The passengers and crew then made a collective decision, by vote, to rush the terrorists and try to retake the plane. It is thought one plan was to boil water, place it on the drink carts, and then rush the carts toward the terrorists. It is believed this is where the phrase “Let's Roll” came from. The cockpit voice recorder, recovered from the crash site, captured the shouts, thumps, crashes, and breaking of glass and plates. The 9/11 Commission reported that the hijackers, while remaining in control of the plane, must have judged that the passengers and crew were mere seconds from overcoming them, and so crashed Flight 93 into the field in Pennsylvania. The crash site is only an 18-minute flight from Washington, DC.

While not complete yet, this memorial is amazing and gut-wrenching. There are no words to describe seeing all the names of the dead on the wall which was constructed along the flight path, and then seeing where the plane ploughed into the field. Only family of the passengers and crew are allowed to go up close to the crash site. What an incredibly sobering experience. May we never forget.

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