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Lovely Lake

Ashley, Tyler and Banana Bikes

Memorial Day Full Park

New Addition to Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Jim and Marsha at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Misty Morning

Dave's Girls

The Four Musketeers

Gary and Judy

John and Bev at Hillbilly Hot Dogs

John and Bev at Barnyard BBQ

Brent and Sheila

Ian and Ashley

John and Joni

Tony and Terry

New Campsite

KOA Inspectors

We got ourselves all settled back in and got to work helping get the park ready for the big Memorial Day weekend. There was plenty to do everywhere with mowing, weed-eating, picking up trash, tree-trimming, cleaning fire pits, cleaning the interior of the office/store and re-stocking the shelves. Time to order ice cream and soda pop to start the camping season.

Doesn't our lake look nice? The trampolines are a HUGE hit with kids and parents alike. Two of our college kids, Tyler and Ashley, checked out a couple of the banana bikes to make sure they were in good working order...they might have been having some fun, too!

We've included a photo of what the park looks like when it's full. We like to see it like this for the owners (Brent and Sheila), but we like it best when it's less crowded. Everyone had a great time over the holiday weekend and we had plenty of activities for the kids. Saturday morning there was the lovely aroma of frying bacon throughout the park. Yum!

In June, some friends of ours from the Bounder-Roos came to visit for a few days. We had so much fun with Jim and Marsha, and, of course, HAD to take them to Hillbilly Hot Dogs. I mean, really, what's a visit to Milton without a good, hillbilly hot dog!

We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary in grand style with Dave grilling a couple of tenderloins to accompany the shrimp cocktail, baked potato, and tossed salad. Mmmm, it was so good!

Over the summer we experimented with new recipes quite a bit, and most turned out to be worthy of keeping. Chris really enjoys trying out new recipes she finds on Pinterest and has been on an “Asian-inspired” kick lately.

We also made the decision on where we want to work next summer. So we called the KOA in Sioux Falls and talked to the manager. He called and spoke to Brent and within a few days we got our job offer. So we'll be working in Sioux Falls, South Dakota from May 15-Sept 15. Glad to have THAT out of the way; one more thing crossed off our To Do List.

July brought another full park and lots of activities over the July 4th festivities, and that kept us busy. We also were able to spend time with some of the friends we've made here. Sharon bought a small trailer last summer for her family to enjoy (kids, grand-kids, cousins, you name it) and came to our KOA on her maiden voyage. Judy came with her to help her out and those two became known at the park as “Dave's Girls.” They had no clue what they were doing, so Dave taught them...over many, many hours. We all ended up good friends, sharing meals and drinking a little beer. Sharon knows what she's doing now, but she and Judy will always be known as “Dave's Girls.”

Another couple of friends, Gary and Judy, brought their new camper to the park and left it there all summer. Judy was there all the time with one or another of their grand-kids, and Gary came after work. In October they routinely take off for Myrtle Beach for several weeks where they fish up a storm, freeze it and have it to enjoy all the following summer. Well, we were the happy recipients of a couple of their fish fries and they were grand! Gary taught Dave how do prepare the fish and even shared his recipe for hush puppies. Gary got a new fryer for his birthday so guess who inherited the old one? Yep, Dave! They even gave us a big bunch of their fish from last year! Yummy!

In August, our friends, John and Bev, came to visit us for two weeks and we really had a grand time. We spent a lot of time together just chatting and swapping lies. We also took them to Hillbilly Hot Dogs; see the new addition to the outside décor? Another evening found us chowing down on some great barbecue at Barnyard BBQ, listening to some great music provided by our friend, Jerald Greathouse (he and his sister have played at the KOA quite a bit).

Time is winding down so quickly now and I realized there were no pictures of the other workampers or of Brent and Sheila (who really hates having her photo taken). So here you go: Ian and Ashley (2 of our 5 college kids), John & Joni, Tony & Terry, and our good friends and bosses, Brent and Sheila, who we will miss terribly. Tried to get pictures of Missy and Katie Jo and her fiance, Jon, but just couldn't get them to sit still long enough!

A couple of days before we were scheduled to leave, we moved from our back-in site to a pull-through site so we could hook up the Jeep for an early departure on September 7th. Two “last hurrahs” for our time here in Milton: Another successful Labor Day Weekend, and a very successful inspection by a team from KOA headquarters. How would you like to drive around the country in this bright yellow rig!

It was another great season, and the end of a wonderful 16-months here. We made some new friends, visited with some old ones, and just enjoyed ourselves. It's been a grand experience! And tomorrow, we start again...

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