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Mouth of river.

Salvation Army church


Elliott Beach is near Bundaberg for you interstaters who have never heard of it and also for the Queenslanders who, like us, probably haven't either. There were 3 beach areas to choose from - Elliott Beach, Bargara, and Burnett Heads. We started with EH planning to look at the others and move on if they were better. Look we did but we decided we liked where we were as much as any and stayed put. The CP is spacious and grassy with shady trees and a good amenities block and the beaches were much of a muchness and at least it was close although not see able from the CP.

We had a couple of trips into Bundaberg, one to look around on the Saturday, when we also checked out the other beaches and then another on the Monday when we went in search of an Apple service provider when my iPad seemed to have given up the ghost. Fortunately, however, it was only that it had shut itself off completely and I had forgotten that you need to hold two buttons to turn it back on. I had tried holding one on for a prolonged time but not both together. I was concerned that at least the battery had gone if not the iPad itself.

Sunday was a different experience for us this week as the only church in Elliott Beach is the Salvation Army, so off we went to the Sallies as I didn't want to drive the 20 kms into Bundy again. The people there were really lovely. I got hugs from the lady who was leading the service when we arrived and again afterwards and again when we were leaving! Her parents were there also, in uniform and her dad reminded me a lot of Uncle Carl. For those of you who don't know of him, he was my grandmother's brother, a Sally officer, and he could talk the leg off a table rather like this chap!

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