Lyn & Richards' 2014 Adventures to Nowhere in Particular. travel blog

Our guardian angel, Brian, winching us out of the sand.

The view from our van once set up.

Looking along the beach.

Looking across to Fraser Island.

Our visiting goanna.

Morning tea at church.


This morning when we were ready to leave we felt bad about having our neighbour, Brian, come out to Inskip Point just in case we needed help so Richard told him we didn't really expect him to do so. He assured us, however, that he didn't mind and that he wanted to check out the fishing anyway. We were so glad he did!

The site we had picked out was still available but to get into it we had to go just about 2 metres too far and the road became soft sand. Anyway, we were unable to reverse into the site as planned because our car wheels were stuck in the sand and so Brian had to winch us back onto solid ground. Then, with much advice from a number of campers (which is always in abundance but really helpful on this occasion) we finally got the van into a good little nook under some trees with quite a good view through the bush to the water and Fraser Island.

During our time here we struck up a friendship with Noel and Paula, a couple from Wellington Point, with whom we shared sundowners and chats each evening.

Richard swam each day and I swam once to supplement my bed bath wipes before church, since there were no showers, we also had walks along the beach and Richard had bike rides. The place is lovely but we won't be rushing back here as it is not at all suited to 2 WD vehicles. While we were here we watched quite a number of vehicles get stuck in the sandy tracks, 4 WDs included.

A couple of goannas paid us visits near the van and lots of birds including some pretty yellow breasted ones similar in size to a sparrow.


We started packing up last night and were able to get most of the rest done this morning before church. We knew there was nowhere to park the van near the church though so we went into RB to church and then back to IP to collect the van which followed us out to the road no trouble.

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