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Sailing last night was rough! The ship was rocking and rolling and because our beds are positioned perpendicular to the movement of the ship we were sliding up and down in the bed.

This morning we stopped at Petermann Island we wandered among the Gentoo and a few Adelie penguins. Lots of molting going on! It was fun to watch the baby chicks chasing the mother trying to get fed! She didn't want to feed them and would go running off and they would chase after her sometimes falling! There were some very fat chicks here!

We then sailed through the scenic Lemarie Channel to Port Lockroy, a restored British station. There are 4 women living here running the museum, the gift shop and restoring the station. We actually picked up a couple at Petermann Island that we're working at restoration of another station and will be working at Port Lockroy for the next 10 days. The women work here for 4 months and will leave in 10 days.

There was lots of floating ice here. Last week the ship that was supposed to visit last week had to cancel because of the ice.

There were Gentoo penguins everywhere and close. One came and pecked my leg. This was a small island and only half of the passengers could land at a time. We also stopped at another small island penguin habitat.

In about 3 weeks the penguins will all be gone and out to sea!

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