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Day 1 of our trip to Halifax and Back March 13, 2010

Hunter in Coffeyville, Kansas October 2013

Day 120 in Halifax on our Big Trip July 10, 2010

In Georgia May 16. 2010

Getting love in North Dakota August 14, 2010

Most of you have traveled along side me on my Big Trip in 2010, and then, of course this past year. So I know you all also know Hunter, my yellow lab. Today he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and met his mother on the other side. I hope they'll both be waiting for me one day.

Within a two hour period yesterday Hunter went from normal to weak and shaking. The vet took him in immediately. X-rays showed a very enlarged prostate pressing against things it shouldn't. His high fever indicated a raging infection. They kept him and started intravenous antibiotics. They called me at 8 a.m this morning. He was doing worse and by the time I got there at 11:00 he couldn't raise his head. They said his tail tried to wag as I kneeled down and held him. I told him how sorry I was, what a great dog he was and thanked him for being such a grand traveling companion. He went to Halifax and Back with me ~ sleeping and taking care of me in all of our 48 contiguous states. He never complained. He was always glad and relieved when I returned to the truck on the occasions he didn't leave it with me. I don't think he ever really truly believed me when I said "Grandma will be back" because he was always watching to make sure I indeed was coming back. I also told him to not let anyone take my truck, and no one ever did. What a good job he did.

This past year he joined me while I did my little carney gig at Adventureland in Iowa. We moved on so I could work the night shift at Amazon in Kansas through their Christmas peak season. We headed home the 12th of January and arrived two weeks later.

What makes me saddest today is I don't believe he knew how much I loved him. And I didn't know how much I loved him either until he left me.

My son said, "I guess he knew he had to get you home safely."

Well, he did. What a good job he did.

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