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On our way to Rainbow Beach today we stopped off at Gympie to have the van weighed at a public weighbridge. So we now know that the van is heavier than we thought and the tow ball weight is less than we thought, consequently, we have added some weight to the van boot which has increased the ball weight and Richard feels the van is towing better.

We also experienced a road rage incident on our way out to Rainbow Beach. Just as we had negotiated a left turn at a main junction where we could see no-one coming, a car screamed up behind us amid blaring horn etc. he soon overtook us and then with much gesturing forced us to pull up. He accused us of coming in in front of him and causing him to have to brake etc. he must have been doing well over the 100 allowed speed to have come up so fast! Anyway, when we apologised he went off mollified and we were able to continue.

Our site here is in a lovely spot. We are art the end of the park with only an empty site between us and the road which looks across the Ocean. The sites which are actually along the fence line are more expensive so we have the best of the cheaper sites.


There is an Anglican Church here in RB so we went there this morning and enjoyed a friendly chat with the locals afterwards. After that we drove out to Inskip Point to check out the camping areas before we head out there with our van on Tuesday. We have heard such glowing reports about it and read lots of positive comments but we came back quite disheartened about the prospect of getting our van in and out again.

Two of the camp grounds, we have been told, have areas suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles but although we did find a few places where we could perhaps put the van the actual access roads are very dicey. We actually got the car bogged in soft sand in one spot (not that we would have attempted to take the van there but the sign did say "exit road") and luckily many campers helped to push us out! Soft sand is the problem and pot holes on the access roads.

We will go out again tomorrow and see what's available after the weekend campers have gone home.


Washing again - some housework has to be done no matter where you are and with little water available for the rest of the week it had to be today.

We have just been out to Inskip again and feel much happier about it now. We found one spot we though might do and then found another further down than we went yesterday where there is a better entry and at least one area where both Helen and Larry and we can fit in. There are plenty of spaces available but again the soft sand is the issue with most of them. As long as these are still available tomorrow we should be OK.

A new neighbour has just moved in and we got chatting. He's on his own and well set up for off roading and has offered to follow us out in the morning to make sure we get settled without mishap. He's also offered to come back out on Sunday to make sure we get out again OK. Not sure that will be needed but very nice of him. He says he wants to check out the fishing out there anyway and it is only 11 kms out.

The weather has improved greatly today - first sun we've seen since we arrived.

We will have no power for the next week but should still have phone access.

Sunday, 16th

Am only now able to send this as internet access was not good enough to get it online last week. A new post to follow soon.

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