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View from breakfast

Our pool

Not ours, but similar to ours

After brekkie

Haven't seen one yet.

Hitting the waves

Taken by Simon


First full free day. We started with a wonderful buffet breakfast that is across the street from our apartment.

We came back and after a "rest", we decided to walk into town to an IGA. We bought a few provisions and this makes our time here easier, in that we have good cheap food and don't have to worry about where we will eat. Today we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (no orange cheddar here, only white), some oranges and juice. Nice.

Then it was to the pool. I think it was a bit cool for the Aussie tourists, as both pools were empty. Simon and i decided not to use the lap pool (too long and deep to play). I told Simon before we left that I wanted him to teach me how to swim. He is an awesome teacher. I think I am getting okay at the front crawl and pretty good at the backstroke.

After the pool, I came back to throw a load of laundry in, but the machine kept throwing a breaker. We had someone come, and he said he would get it fixed by evening. Super!

So off we went to the ocean. We are told the waves are bigger than usual due to some northern storms. I can't judge because I have nothing to compare it too,. But we had a blast!

When we came back, the washing machine guy was back with a brand new machine! He was great!

We cleaned up and went for supper. We had a great night and yummy food. Simon also wants me to tell everyone that he bought a stuffed platypus tonight. He named him Plato.

I think that is all. Tomorrow we are planning an early morning hike.

Good night all!


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