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After a day of heavy rain on the Tuesday we woke up to good weather again on Wednesday morning although very windy. We decided to head to the west coast of the Algarve going north from Sagres. This coast has been little developed due to it being designated a nature reserve in 1995.

Our first stop was the Praia de Bordeira a spectacular beach which not only had clean golden sand it had an amazing array of multicolour rock/stones along great lumps of stone with the same multicoloured stones in them . Very strange! Of course while we walked the beach Daisy had a good romp again. She just loves the beach.

From there we made our way along the coast on a rather rocky but solid road stopping at a number of look-outs. Further up the coast the cliffs got darker and there was one bay where there was an enormous beach but getting down to it was almost impossible as the sea had washed away the steps. We also found the excavated ruins of an old Moorish fishing camp.

This part of the Algarve was certainly wild and we saw very few other tourists. Lovely!

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